Introducing: The Sunshine Reporter

Features of The Sunshine Reporter

  • Satisfies Sunshine Act requirement of reporting give-aways and their value
  • Doubles as lead retrieval solution
  • Can list any type of give-away
  • Scans both barcode or “credit-card” style badges (with attachment)
  • Collected data can be imported into a
    wide-variety of CRM solutions
  • Designed for Apples iPad®
  • iPhone® version now available!



Are you ready?

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act is here!  This new law requires that by August 1, 2013, all pharmaceutical, medical device, biological, and medical supply manufacturers report to the Health and Human Services (HHS) any "payment or other transfer of value" to physicians --including medical congress give-aways.   

Introducing the Sunshine Reporter.  An easy, simple, and portable method to track your medical congress give-aways.


It's Portable.  It's Powerful.

The Sunshine Reporter data collecting iPad® application scans, collects, and provides a full importable Excel spreadsheet for all of your on-site give-aways.  Because of its simple design, The Sunshine Reporter can be  used by sales reps or as a stand-alone application.  Entering badge data can be as simple as swiping a badge or using the iPad's built-in hi-rez camera for quick capturing.  Using our proprietary NetID badge swiping technology, users enter their information with minimal effort.  


Just The Data, Ma'am.

Does your show have a wide-variety of give-away items?  No problem.  The Sunshine Reporter allows for you to quickly and easily select any item given to the attendee.  Physicians need only scan their badge and provide their physician number (State License, NPI, or DEA number).  That's it.  We collect the data and provide to you with a cumulative value for each person's give-aways.  No complex forms to fill out or complicated menus to navigate through.  The Sunshine Reporter ensures that all your interactions with physicians are recorded quickly and accurately.

To inquire about how quickly and easily you can add this exciting program to your booth, please contact us