Wanna know the secrets about this unforgettable Immersive Experience we did for the Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta?


Wanna know the secrets about this unforgettable Immersive Experience we did for the Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta?

I waited about 2 hours but it was worth it!


We all love to use Immersive Experiences at events because it leads attendees into an imagined world that we create. Enabling them to interact with the environment that we want.

This time, our client came with a clear idea in mind:

We’ve been asked to create a VR parachute experience from a 360º video of a sky-diver jumping on a game day and delivering the game ball. 🆒 Really cool

How cool is that?! Luke Aikins was going to be the jumper. We had a few conversations with him about how the jump would go.

But some days later… yes, there is always a butafter some consideration, the client received a big no-no about the jump from their insurance company.

So, the actual jump was off limits, and the project had to quickly change to a full 3D CGI project. And we needed to do in record time. Yes, you know, set backs.

But for every problem, there is always a solution.

We fully and accurately modeled the Mercedes-Benz stadium, recreated downtown Atlanta, and added 4D elements to make this experience unforgettable.


A man living an immersive experience in a parachute simulator flying with oculus at Super Bowl 53

The immersive experience consists in a 4D and Virtual Reality sky dive parachute simulator. Wearing VR goggles, participants found themselves inside a plane flying over downtown Atlanta. Suddenly, the flight instructor would give the green light to make the jump. And then, the participants would jump off the plane (and lifted off the ground with a motor at the same time… yes, they were hanging!). With air hitting their face (remember, this is a 4d experience), they nicely dove down, passed through the opening roof of the Mercedes Benz Stadium, and finally arrive on time to deliver the game ball to the umpire.


We did a great fast turnaround creating 3D realistic modelling. That let people enjoy this amazing immersive experience. With a heavy duty use during this non-stop experience, running over 10 days.

The exhibit had a constant waiting time of 2 hours, and every single participant said it was worth it!


We created an amazing immersive experience with this 4D and Virtual Reality sky dive parachute simulator used at the Super Bowl 53 Experience and at the Game Day Plaza.

Let’s get in touch and talk about how an immersive experience can greatly improve your next experiential marketing campaign.

  • Fast turnaround
  • 3D realistic modelling
  • Heavy duty use





Atlanta, Georgia, USA