In-Pack Interactive Games

for brand engaging experiences

All games suited to your needs

Interactive games really highlights your booth from the rest. This means more leads and better brand awareness.

The more time attendees spend in your booth, the better the chances to receive your brand messaging. On top of this, games are the best show stoppers and information retention tools.

Give your attendees an experience. A fun moment they will remember long after they leave your booth and the show.

Main reasons to use interactive games!

The main reasons to use interactive games at your exhibitions are that they are:
  • Fun
    Everybody loves to have fun. A fun game will wake attendees participate and laugh a little!

  • Engaging  
    Every game is designed to create an experience that everyone can enjoy.

  • Simple
    Clear rules to play and win is a must when talking of Interactive games. Attendees don’t have time to learn a new game in a trade show, so popular games are a good choice to use.

  • Give prizes
    Big-ticket prizes are an extra incentive that gets people to line up.

  • Digital
    In today’s digital world even at face-to-face interactions it’s important to be digital.
From ordering to delivery we make sure you have everything you require for your game.

Easy steps to use our in-pack interactive

  1. Contact us to talk about what you want or what you need
  2. We will give all the required information, including pricing
  3. Our Delivery Team will assist you and provide everything you need to get this up and running
  4. If included, we will send any metrics once the show ends

BENEFITS TO EXHIBITORS when using in pack games

  • Get Attention 
    Game players who stop to play become promoters for the next players to stop, too.
  • Fast 
    Our games are easy to install and assure you a fully functional experience in no time. 

  • Requires little space
    With our In-pack games you are able to adapt the game in a small space. 10 sq ft is enough for almost all activities. But it can be as large as you want, of course.

  • Customization
    Customizable elements that adapt to your branding (texts, fonts and graphic elements).

  • Pre-defined prizes & working schedule
    Pre-set all prizes and schedules and that’s it. The prize delivery algorithm takes care of distributing them randomly and evenly within the working schedule. 

  • Cost-effective
    Since it’s pre-built, it’s much cheaper than a custom-made interactive

  • Sleep well
    All games are developed and tested. So you can rest assure things will go flawlessly.

Branding features in all OF our in-pack interactive games

  • Customizable elements that adapt to your branding.
  • All texts and the color of the graphic elements are easily customizable. 🆒. 

In-pack features in all OF our in-pack interactive games*

* May incur in additional fees. This will be determined per show.

Our in-pack is a great choice when you need games to help your clients stand-out. So they can get noticed in a convention, consumer show or trade show. Some of the best marketers know how powerful games can be at exhibits.

Most of us are hardwired to notice games and are excited to participate or watch. And more importantly, share our experience with others. 

You exhibit to get people’s attention and get them excited about your products or services.

This is one of our many activities we have in our In-Pack. If you are looking for something different, get in touch. We may have something ready that didn’t reach the website yet. Or we could be able to create a Unique experience based on your goals.


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