Tom Quiz tom Ace Trivia host
Tom Quiz tom Ace Trivia host

Quiz-Tom-Ace Trivia


A fun, quick and host-driven Trivia

Pre-built game


Quiz-Tom-Ace is our Jeopardy-like Trivia. Specially designed to be quick and easily customizable for your Events, Trade Shows, Consumer Shows or Conventions in a short time.

Classical games are a cost-effective way to improve the engagement with your attendees.

quiz-tom-ace Trivia features specially for in person events

  • Host-driven

    The host manages the pace of the game with his|her own private screen

  • Personalize participants with their names on the big screen

    The host asks the names of the participants so their can see their score

  • Multiplayer

    Up to three players can participate at the same time

  • Physical push buttons

    With three physical push buttons that detects which one was pushed first

  • Questions and categories can be customized 

    For each show. Questions are selected from a pool. So you can write as many as you want to make each game different than the previous one. This way, next-game players can’t memorize the answers.

  • The end of the game can be customized 

    Game ends after a total amount of time or when there are no more questions to answer

  • The time to get an answer can be customized 

    From the moment the host reads the question until someone pushes the button

  • Answer options available to make your preference game

    You can choose between always showing the multiple choice options; never showing them, or showing them after a certain amount of time if no button was pressed (with a cut on potential point gains)

  • The host is able to reset the game at any time

    If needed, there’s a hidden button to restart the experience

  • Leaderboard

    An leaderboard shows the best players while nobody is playing, to entice others to compete

  • Sound & Animation

    The game is more exciting as sounds and animations are played based on events. Such as answering correctly.


Our Quiz-Tom-Ace Trivia is a host-driven competition where each contestant have a physical button to push.

The host has a private small screen to handle the game. The main game plays on a big screen in front of the players.

After the host presents the question, the first contestant to push the button gets a chance at answering the question. If the answer is Correct, he wins the points. If the answer is Incorrect, points are subtracted!

The game ends when all questions are played or after a client defined amount of time.

To know more you can see our explanation video or contact us.


Drives traffic

It’s fun, easy and a great show stopper


It can be used to deliver prizes, test knowledge and|or brand information

Lead generator

It’s an excellent tool to gather information in a digital way


It’s customizable so you can show your brand


It doesn’t take up too much space and since it’s pre-built, it’s much cheaper than a custom-made interactive

Branding features

  • Question categories
  • Question text
  • Question options
  • All background images
  • All texts and the color of the graphic elements are customizable 🆒


* May incur in additional fees. This will be determined per show.

Trivias are awesome tools to teach people about your brand. Everybody loves a fun and healthy competition! Trivias normally have the best engagement at trade-shows.

This is one of our many activities we have in our In-Pack. If you are looking for something different, get in touch. We may have something ready that didn’t reach the website yet. Or we could be able to create a Unique experience based on your goals.

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Elements provided
• Game (download link)
• 3 USB push-buttons

Elements not provided

• Windows computer (Windows 10, Intel i5, GTX 1650 4Gb, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 500 MB free space)
• Furniture, booth
• External monitors or any other A/V element

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