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Scratch-it! Game


A fun, quick and contactless activity for your booth

Pre-built game

Scratch-it Game is one of our Pre-built interactive Games designed to be quick and easily customizable for your next event or trade show in a short time. You know, a not expensive way to improve the engagement with your attendees.

main reasons to use Scratch-it!

  • Contactless
    The game works with contactless technology, LeapMotion

  • Simple
    A computer, a screen and a small stand for the LeapMotion sensor is all that is required

  • Requires little space
    10 sq ft is enough for this activity. But it can be as large as you want, of course

  • Pre-defined prizes & working schedule
    Pre-set all prizes and schedules and that’s it. The prize delivery algorithm takes care of distributing them randomly and evenly within the working schedule. 
 How Scratch-it works

Uses a hand tracker as the controller (called LeapMotion)

  1. Participants simply move their hands over the LeapMotion to start 👋
  2. Then, they select the card they want ✉️
  3. Finally, they move their hands to scratch it and reveal the prize 🎁
Branding features as in all our in-pack games
  • Customizable elements that adapt to your branding.
  • All texts and the color of the graphic elements are customizable. 🆒
  • Pre-set and delier prizes, while participants enjoy a scratch-it game.
In-pack features as in all our in-pack games*

* May incur in additional fees. This will be determined per show.

Our In-Pack Games are a great choice when you need games or activations to help your clients stand-out. So they can get noticed in a Convention, Consumer Show or Trade Show. Some of the best marketers know how powerful games can be at Exhibits.

Most of us are hardwired to notice games and are excited to participate or watch. And more importantly, share our experience with others. 

You exhibit to get people’s attention and get them excited about your products or services.

In-pack mascota

Elements provided

• Game (download link)
• LeapMotion (USB device)


Elements not provided

• Windows computer (Windows 10, Intel i5, GTX 1650 4Gb, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 500 MB free space)
• Furniture, booth
• External monitors or any other A/V element

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