A photowall as an interactive panel

Making people know doctor's faces in a big Photo-wall is a cool idea to recognize their efforts.

Get to know a way to recognize how valuable your people are with an Interactive Panel for your next Experiential Marketing activation.

Our client wanted to recognize the effort doctors do every day.

They wanted this to be present at a big event, where physicians could be the star of the show. We needed to show our appreciation… big time.

Based on experience, we know booth attendees don’t have any time to waste. So, after some brainstorming sessions with our team, we realize the best way to recognize them was to make everyone know them. And what better way than to show their faces at a giant screen, for everyone to see?

So we came up with the idea creating a BIG recognition wall. We would take pictures of each doctor when they visited at our booth. And they would automatically appear on a massive video-wall screen. This is how the photo-wall idea was born.

A big PhotoWall at a doctor's event

But we four main challenges to go through. 

First, we wanted the pictures to form around the client’s logo. 

Second, we didn’t want to leave anyone out, so the photo-wall should automatically resize to ensure all faces were visible. 

Third, it should all be automated to reduce the amount of manpower required at the booth. 

And fourth, it should be quite fast, so doctors could see their faces immediately in the big screen, in the timespan they spent at our booth.

Essentially, we wanted doctors to actually feel how much we valued them and their work. We had a true creative, mathematical and programming challenge in our hands!

With this in mind, we went on to overcome all main four challenges. This is how it ended up working:

Pictures appeared large at first, to fill the screen as fast as possible. And as more and more pictures came in, all of them were reduced in size to accommodate more.

As mentioned, the process from beginning to end was automated. Pictures were taken and automatically appeared on the screen. Highlighting the latest picture for a few seconds.

Keep in mind this took place in 2007, well before social networks explosion. Now, we have the opportunity to make these ideas more viral. Doing something like now greatly goes beyond the duration of the show, and continue to live long after.

A photowall as an interactive panel in a doctor's event

It’s always a nice touch to recognize people we work with. And with what happened in 2020/2021, what can we say about doctors other than a big THANK YOU to them all.

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