Classics are timeless

Who doesn’t ❤️ Jeopardy!-Like multiplayer game and classic games? That’s why they become classics, right?   Repurposed for a live exhibits and you have a great way to engage attendees. Our client wanted us to create a trivia game inspired by this endless classic.

This was going to be used at several big events. So, as always, we had some challenges ahead of us.

First, it needed to be super easy to set up and tear down. 

Second, it needed to be super easy to update its content for each show.

And third, it needed to be host-driven.

The result? A timeless, Jeopardy-inspired classic. Yes, a Jeopardy!-Like multiplayer game.

Up to three players could participate at the same time. With a physical push button that automatically detected who pushed first.

Subjects in columns were changed for each show. On some, they were product related. On others, show location related.

This Jeopardy!-Like multiplayer game was driven by a host, which had her own tablet to manage the pace of the game.

2 people and a brand ambassador playing Jeopardy like multiplayer game at an event

Keep in mind that this happened more than 10 years ago, now we have the opportunity to make it more viral.

Many of the multiplayer games allow you to connect with people and get real-time feedback on how well you are playing. Also, it creates a space where you can have a shared experience with customers or employees to build teamwork and relationships.

Do you have a childhood favourite you would like to do it more interactive and modern?

Let’s talk about different ways to make your events a moment of grateful with some cool Experiential Marketing activation

  • Host-controlled
  • Physical illuminated buttons
  • Extensive content