Digital Interactive Picture Mosaic

A BIG recognition wall

Pre-built game

Our Photowall is a real-time experience for in-person events to show your audience how valuable they are to you. Photowall is specially designed to be quick and easily customizable for your Events, Trade Shows, Consumer Shows or Conventions in a short time. This is a great way to get all the guests to collectively take event photos. A nice and easy way to recognize how valuable your people are with a photo mosaic wall for your next Experiential Marketing activation. Basically, your visitors take pictures of themselves at your booth. The pictures automatically appear on a massive video-wall screen, creating a BIG wall of recognition.
photowall features specially DESIGNED for in person events
  • Unlimited photos
    Pictures appear larger at first. And as more are added to the screen, they are reduced in size to allow for more to fit
  • Photo-sequence option
    It can be configured so 3 pictures are taken. Then, the pictures at the screen will appear animated by alternating between all 3 pictures constantly
  • Messaging and branding
    Pictures can appear around a message or logo
  • Data gathering
    Optionally, you can ask your visitors to enter an email to participate and get the picture sent to them as well
HOW photowall WORKS

Our Photowall runs on -almost- any computer with a webcam. And requires another big screen connected to it. It is a self-driven kiosk that instructs the visitor what to do.

First, they take their own picture on the computer, just like airport entry machines. 

Second, the pictures automatically appear on the other big screen.

Pictures will appear larger at first, to fill the screen as fast as possible. And as more and more pictures came in, all of them will be reduced in size to accommodate more.

It’s important to know all the process from beginning to end is automated. Pictures are taken and automatically appear on the screen. Highlighting the latest picture for a few seconds.

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Drives traffic

It’s fun, easy and a great show stopper


It can be used to show how much you value your visitors, to make them feel important and special, or just to make something original

Lead generator

It’s an excellent tool to gather information in a digital way


It’s customizable so you can show your brand


It doesn’t take up too much space and since it’s pre-built, it’s much cheaper than a custom-made interactive

Social networks

Doing something this greatly goes beyond the duration of the show, and continue to live long after.

Branding features

  • All background images
  • All texts and the color of the graphic elements are customizable 🆒


* May incur in additional fees. This will be determined per show.

It’s always a nice touch to recognize people we work with. This has the best engagement at trade-shows.

This is one of our many activities we have in our In-Pack. If you are looking for something different, get in touch. We may have something ready that didn’t reach the website yet. Or we could be able to create a Unique experience based on your goals.

In-pack mascota

Elements provided
• Software (download link)

Elements not provided

• Windows computer (Windows 10, Intel i5, GTX 1650 4Gb, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 500 MB free space)
• Furniture, booth
• External monitors or any other A/V element

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