The experience offered everyone to be a Rock Star for one night.

Who didn’t ever wish to participate in a Rock Concert Tournament? or Who didn’t wish to be a Rock Star at some point in their life?

The brand needed a cool idea for an off-trade activation. This was going to be enjoyed at pubs and night clubs.

We came up with the idea to create a Rock Concert 🤘. With original songs and custom branding, we created a  Concert Game for participants to play with a guitar, a base or drums.

Users competed as teams to be the best Rock Band in the game.

Inspired by popular Guitar and Music Games from consoles, the competition was fierce…

3 boys playing gaming guitars to compete in a Rock Concert Tournament

We composed 5 different songs, each with its own difficulty, for players to rock.

The activation needed to go through multiples pubs each night. So we built it to be easy to set up, easy to pack, and easy to carry.

Every time the team set it up, a long line was waiting to prove themselves as the Best Rock Band in Town.

Looking back, this was made in 2010. Nowadays, with social networks being the norm, and viral campaigns a great strategy, these results could be multiplied many times over.

Let’s talk to see how we can create a unique, unforgettable experience for your next Experiential Marketing campaign.

  • Compose 5 songs
  • Portable
  • Sturdy for heavy-duty usage