Spin n’ Win Roulette Game


A fun classic and digital way to draw people to your booth

Pre-built game

A game specially designed to draw preset prizes and to create excitement within your audience by asking them to spin the wheel for a chance to win! In a technological and modern way.
As we all know, trade show contests and games drive more traffic to your booth and create more opportunities to engage with prospects.
Games and contests are extremely effective at drawing crowds to your exhibit, as we already addressed here.
As with all of our In-Pack Games, it’s quick and easy to customize it for your Events, Trade Shows, Consumer Shows or Conventions.

Classic games are a cost-effective way to improve the engagement with your attendees.

Spin n’ Win Roulette Game features

  • One touchscreen

    Screen can be on a tablet or a touchscreen monitor.

  • Customize the number of prizes

    The wheel will have one stop position per prize you want to giveaway. This is done automatically. Also, you can define how you want the prizes distributed: sequential, pure random, or weighted random. 

  • Sounds and visual effects

When the wheel spins, sound and visual effects make the experience more real and enticing for viewers.

  • Optional ‘No prize’ segment

If not all participants will get a prize, you can enable as many ‘No prize’ segments as you want.

  • Enable or disable the data-entry form

You can enable a data-gathering form to ask your participants for their contact information.

HOW spin n’ win roulette game WORKS

Spin n’ win Roulette game is a wheel game where participants can win prizes by simply participating.

The screen shows a big button. When pressed the wheel starts spinning! Eventually, it will stop within a given segment that can contain a prize or not.

Once stopped, players see a large window showing what they won, if anything. Along with a thank you for participating message.

Finally, the brand ambassador on-site will validate and deliver the prize if they won.

After a few seconds, the screen will automatically return to the initial big button screen. Ready for the next participant.


spin n’ win roulette game musts

Our wheel has beautiful colors and pretty large. This attracts participants from further away!

Your on-site brand ambassador should entice the crowd to play and get a chance to win.

A big grand prize is always a good addition. Things like gift cards, cash or even a cool gadget work wonderfully.


REASONS TO USE Spin n’ win roulette game AT YOUR TRADE SHOW
Drives traffic

It’s fun, easy and a great show stopper

Lead generator

It’s an excellent tool to gather information in a digital way


It’s customizable so you can show your brand


It doesn’t take up too much space and since it’s pre-built, it’s much cheaper than a custom-made interactive


  • All background images
  • All texts and the color of the graphic elements are customizable 🆒


* May incur in additional fees. This will be determined per show.

Prizes are more than a great reason for attendees participates in a trade show contest or game.These simple activations are a great way to inject fun into your corporate events.


This is one of our many activities we have in our In-Pack. If you are looking for something different, get in touch. We may have something ready that didn’t reach the website yet. Or we could be able to create a Unique experience based on your goals.

In-pack mascota

Elements provided
• Game (download link)

Elements not provided

• Windows computer (Mininum specs: Windows 10, Intel i5, GTX 1650 4Gb, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 500 MB free space)
• Furniture, booth
• External monitors or any other A/V element to reproduce the game (not mandatory). With an external monitor, the game can be cloned and seen in a much larger screen.

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